First Blog Post!

Hey there… so here it goes… my first blog post on a “new moon”… people tell me not to be crazy so I guess I’ll be lunar! Here’s to starting new things when the moon does too!

Last night I had a conversation with a good friend who is aware of my addiction to self-help.

My friend aka brothah from another mothah Danny Fehsenfeld kindly suggested I stop trying to “fix” myself and start affirming “I’m perfect”. He said he was curious to see how that would improve my life and relationships with people on this planet. That maybe I’d accept people more for who they are just as I would accept myself for all that I am. Hmmm. I thought… what would life be like without all the “fix this” and “fix that” mind poppycock? (Yes poppycock is a word I just found on = nonsense) WHAT? Could that bring me the P word? The MOTHER F’N P WORD?!?! PEACE??!?

Maybe helping your self toooooo much can be unhelpful for helping your self?


“…Yeah that makes sense” I said. “I constantly want to improve things… even my ponytail!”

Which isn’t bad, a great ponytail can bring instantaneous happiness… but can be bad if it becomes… AN ADDICTION! I mean imagine what you’re day would be like if you kept on trying to create a new ponytail?

So listen up new moon! It’s time for us all to get happier!

While I make us t-shirts that say…
“I’m perfect. You’re perfect!”…
you can check out my latest youtube character’s vid that reflects many of my real life self-help tools for wellness.
As pathetic as some of those may be… at WALGREENS.

Thanks for watching! Reading! Oh and… THANKS MOON ; )



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